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Terms & Conditions

Group Session



For the protection of others and also your own dog, make sure your dog is in good health and free of parasites, like fleas & ticks, kennel cough, fever, etc..
Female dogs who aren’t spayed can’t attend the session for 21 days after their first day of bleeding. Please inform us immediately if your dog's heat starts before a planned session.


Nutrition - food

we recommend you feed your dog breakfast early and not the whole amount. we want our dogs motivated and eager to work with us :)
Please bring with you very delicious treats.



Please bring with you the following items: a collar, harness, short leash, and one favorite toy. 


We kindly ask you to arrive 10-15 min before sessions start so you dog can do his business and breath some fresh air beforehand.




Please clear your payments 48h before the session.
In the case of cash payment, it is optional just let us know.
payment via bank transfer, Twint & cash.


Cancellation policy 

In case of cancellation made more than 48h in advance, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations made 24h or less before a scheduled session will be fully charged.

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