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"Behavioral issues are our mirrors,
a knowledgeable owner is all it takes to have a well behaved dog"

Want to be your dog's best friend? we should be properly trained. 
It is not just a say, it is a way of thinking, living and leading. Our training philosophy is all about it.
Dogs meet our needs every single day with their unconditional love, it is our job as responsible dog owners tomeet their needs as well. When your dog's needs are not met, you will experience behavioral issues such as:

  • Pulling during  walks

  • Barking randomly 

  • Chewing 

  • Jumping at friends and strangers 

  • Showing dominance or signs of aggression

  • Resource Guarding

  • Separation Anxiety (Covid Puppies)

  • Over Excitement and stimulation

  • Disobedience

The main difference between a well-behaved dog and a dog that has these behavioral issues is a knowledgeable owner, and that is where we come in. We bridge the gap between dog and owner by helping you understand your dog better.  You will learn how to properly meet your dog's needs, how to communicate calmly, clearly and effectively with important tools as leadership and empathy.
Creating an environment that your dog will be well behaved and extremely enjoyable to be around! We understand that each dog and each family are unique, therefore each plan will be personalized to answer your needs. The program will be shared with you in order to have an overview during our process. 
Dogs, by nature, are pack animals, and being such they are looking for leadership and pack cohesiveness. You will see results immediately during our first session. As we provide you with a community, socialization is a crucial theme in our programs.

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